Head, Integrity, Risk & Governance

Nextgreen Global Berhad
Kuala Lumpur

Duties & Responsibilities :

Risk Management

  • Lead and manage the assessment of enterprise risk, corporate governance, regulatory and operational risk, business continuity, information and security risk, technology risk and market and credit risk to protect the business.
  • Manage the Enterprise Risk Management process implementation to ensure consistency of risk management practices within the Group and integration into existing decision-making processes as well as the overall strategic direction of the company.
  • Implement an overall risk management process as well as continuously monitor and review Risk Management Framework/ Policy and related risk policies from group as well as establishing relevant risk policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Evaluate risk which involves comparing estimated risks with criteria established by the organization such as costs, legal requirements and environmental factors to ensure alignment.
  • Develop, motivate, train and counsel Risk Liaisons and other employees on skills and competency improvement in relation to integrity, risk & governance.
  • Work closely risk liaison and all business functions to ensure all elements of operational and strategic risks are properly identified, assessed, mitigated, monitored and reported.
  • Drive the annual Risk Management processes with key business stakeholders, update the risk assessment and ensure adequate measures are in place to mitigate the identified risks.
  • Develop measures to control and mitigate risks including activities to avoid risks, transfer risks and finance risks for the benefits of the organization.
  • Conduct external risk reporting to stakeholders so as to ensure compliance to corporate governance and ABAC policy.
  • Monitor and report Key Risk Indicators and risk mitigation plans completion and relevant reporting to governance and management committees.
  • Analyse, recommend and implement process improvements within the context of Enterproie Risk Management, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Management.
  • Monitor the level of risk awareness, delivery, effectiveness and impact with a view to continue to support the ongoing growth of the organization in a sustainable and resilient manner.

Corporate Liability (MACC Act)

  • Continuously review and manage the implementation of the ABAC policies and guidelines based.
  • Prepare reporting of relevant materials/papers on timely basis to Management.
  • Provide awareness & trainings, advisory and consultation based on the applicablelaws, policy, procedures, manual, international standards and best practices on anti- corruption and integrity.
  • Promote and strengthen the anti-corruption and integrity culture, initiatives, whistle- blowing, research, studies, values, campaigns and practices.
  • Establish, facilitate and review Companies’ Corruption Risk Management (CRM).
  • Support and provide guidance and in some instances undertake investigations ofincidents, complaints and attending inquiries and appeals.
  • Responsible for management of Whistleblowing mechanism.
  • Monitor the implementation of integrity and anti-corruption related policies, systemsand procedures to ensure adequacy per requirements of MACC and related governing authorities, as well as industry best governance practices and mechanisms across the organization.
  • Guide and provide prompt and accurate advice, guidance and operational support on issues concerning risk identification, protection oversight, fraud prevention and response in the context of the Anti-Briberry and Corruption (ABAC) policy.

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