The concept of environmentally friendly production. A pond shaped like a factory in the middle of a lush forest. 3d rendering.


Partnership and pipeline

We have always understood the need to work with others to achieve our commercial, environmental and social goals. The circularity of products is complex and evolving through the entire value chain. Nextgreen invests in purposeful and strategic partnerships and collaborations to drive innovation and promote circular solutions at scale. 


We believe that sharing knowledge, resources and best practices with industry players, government agencies, NGOs and academia creates opportunities to develop sustainable solutions and empower a more responsible and sustainability-minded future. Collaboration is also a proven way to learn new things, achieve specific objectives, set future goals and build trust with the many different stakeholders who have an interest in our company.

We are committed to understanding, managing and reducing the social and environmental impacts of our products and the materials associated with discovering and producing them. By using more efficient and innovative processing methods and technologies, we are reducing the amount of energy, water and raw materials we use to make our products, thereby minimising the amount of waste we generate and lowering our production costs.


Our R&D pipeline reflects our commitment to provide solutions and challenges to both companies and consumers to make responsible choices; whether it is about using local raw materials or environment friendly solutions. The company identifies a culture of continuous improvement as one of Nextgreen’s core value — passion — a fuel to the enthusiasm and curiosity for the future.


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We work in partnership in many areas. We are in a joint-effort with Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) to develop a new certification module for certifying sustainable green paper from oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFB) PRC-RBMP. This certification is first of its kind for the industry to ensure paper products manufactured and marketed fulfils the quality and sustainability requirements by FRIM Product Certification as well as fulfil users’ and buyers’ requirements. This certification module is voluntary in nature and can be used as a means to achieve the SDGs.


FRIM presenting Nextgreen with the first of its kind Sustainable Green Paper from EFB Certification Module on 17 November 2022 during the FRIM Commercialisation Day


On 16th August 2023, Nextgreen’s associate company, Nextgreen Crowning Package Pulp Molding Sdn Bhd (NGCP) has completed the construction of its factory and commenced trial production of its food grade empty fruit bunch pulp moulding.

Nextgreen officially signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Bioeconomy Corporation on the 17th November 2023 to revolutionize biomass production through advanced biotechnology applications, include supporting national initiatives for biotechnology and biomass and promoting the application of biotechnology for the production of downstream products.