NeuWhite® – Making Pulp & Paper out of Oil Palm Biomass
NeuWhite®, the woodfree pulp and paper manufactured at GTP, represent a sustainable and innovative approach to paper production. This 100% natural, non-hazardous, and biodegradable product is sourced from oil palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB), processed through the patented and innovative Preconditioning Refiner Chemical-Recycle Bleached Mechanised Pulp (PRC-RBMP) technology. Crafted from the abundant and renewable EFB, NeuWhite® not only contributes to reducing the oil palm biomass in Malaysia, but also offers a range of eco-friendly and performance-driven advantages. Notably, NeuWhite® has attained green certifications from SIRIM Eco-label and MyHijau, and Malaysian Goods Logo solidifying its status as a certified sustainable and green Malaysian Product.
PurePalm Mold – Sustainable and Biodegradable Food Packaging
PurePalm Mold stands as a sustainable and biodegradable food packaging crafted from the non-wood pulp of oil palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) by Nextgreen Crowning Package Pulp Molding Sdn Bhd (NGCP). NGCP, a collaborative effort between Nextgreen Global Berhad and Crown Package Co., Ltd., is dedicated to the production and distribution of pulp molding made from empty fruit bunch and packaging materials to Japan. Manufactured in a sterile and clean room at GTP, this food-grade pulp molding offers exceptional qualities for food packaging. It is oil and water-resistant, microwaveable for food warming, and self-degrades upon disposal. The synergy of pulp molding and corrugated box usage imparts a distinctive touch. This eco-friendly food container not only meets high-quality standards but also encourages consumers to embrace a more sustainable and renewable option for their green lifestyle.
NexBooster™ and NexCompost™ – Oil Palm Biomass-based Fertilizer
Embracing the bio-integrated zero waste concept, GTP spearheads the production of innovative and sustainable products. NexBooster™ and NexCompost™ are the effective fertilizers derived from oil palm biomass which contribute to environmental stewardship. NexBooster™, composed mainly of black liquor, a pulping process by-product, serves as a liquid fertilizer blended with effective microbes (EM) and essential chemicals. This formulation enhances plant growth by providing essential nutrients and reducing soil acidity. NexCompost™, available in powder form, is skilfully crafted from degraded oil palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) and soil microbes, serving as an organic compost that acts as both a planting medium and a soil conditioner. On the other hand, NexCompost™, offered in pellet form, is composed of degraded EFB, essential nutrients, and effective microbes (EM), serves as a slow-release fertilizer rich in crucial nutrients to support sustained plant growth. These oil palm biomass-based fertilizers can be applied to fruit and vegetable plants, as well as cash crops like paddy and oil palm trees.
Animal Feed
Oil Palm Fronds (OPF) are the main ingredients for the animal feed production process. Palm Kernel Cakes (PKC) from palm oil mill is also added in a smaller proportion. Microbial fermentation technology is used to produce this feed. OPF can be converted into valuable products for the livestock industry, replacing its current use as low nutrient fertiliser in oil palm estates. Animal feed production in the GTP helps to increase domestic supply and reduce the country’s reliance on imports. Furthermore, the feed produced are high quality and safe with high nutritional value and good palatability.