The Green Technology Park (GTP) is an Eco-innovative, self-sustaining Industrial Park set in Pekan, Pahang. As a pioneer in the green technology industry, GTP integrates the world’s first technological breakthrough in pulp and paper production with renewable energy and waste recovery technology. The GTP is comprised of a few key features. Amongst them are integrated pulp and paper mills for sustainable paper production, a feed mill, a fertiliser plant, light industries, wetlands, recreational lake, commercial areas, residential areas for workers and an education and research hub.

The core of GTP are the pulp and paper mills. We utilise our exclusively owned patented PRC-RBMP technology to take full advantage of Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) – an abundantly available raw material source produced by the local palm oil industry. The PRC-RBMP method sets a solid foundation in GTP for the innovation of oil palm biomass, which is also converted into animal feed, fertiliser, lignin, and pharmaceutical products.

We recognise that a circular economy model drives long-term growth and at the same time, tackle global environmental challenges.

By-products from every production process are fully utilized through conversion into functional green products and renewable energy.
Bio-integrated Zero Waste Concept

Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) will be used
to produce pulp and paper products such as
woodfree pulp and paper, tissue paper, and pulp moulded packaging.

Oil Palm Fronds (OPF) are the main ingredient
for the animal feed production process. Palm
Kernel Cake (PKC) from Palm Oil Mil (POM) will
also be added in a smaller proportion.

Fertilizer will be the by-product produced
from the proposed biogas plant. Sludge
from the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP),
together with palm oil mils residue or Palm Oil
Mill Effluent (POME) will undergo fermentation
in the biogas plant for the production of energy.

Lignin is obtained as a by-product from
the process of pulp processing.

These materials can be used in the light
industries (packaging and printing).

At GTP, the Bio-Integrated Zero Waste concept forms a closed-looped system. Adopting the Waste-to-Value concept, by-products from every production process is fully utilised through conversion into functional green products and renewable energy.

The bio-integrated zero waste technology in GTP is the basis for a green sustainable model in Malaysia. Through this model, we are able to contribute towards the world’s effort in mitigating climate change by reducing the dependence on trees as a resource, besides reducing carbon, energy and water footprint.