Training on How to Work with Bosses, Customers, Peers and Subordinates

The esteemed HR department of Nextgreen Global Berhad organized a highly enriching internal training session at our headquarters, in collaboration with NIKAO Consulting. This one-day intensive workshop titled “How to Work with Bosses, Customers, Peers, and Subordinates” was skilfully led by the renowned Mr. Julius Wee. This training provided our dedicated employees with invaluable insights into the principles of Emotional Intelligence and the human personalities, as outlined by the DISC Personalities framework—Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Compliant.

Through engaging activities and interactive sessions, our team members had the opportunity to delve deeper into understanding the dynamics of their colleagues’ personalities and how to effectively collaborate with them based on their unique styles. Furthermore, the training equipped our employees with practical strategies to develop comprehensive action plans aimed at leveraging individual strengths to propel our company towards even greater success.

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