The pulp and paper industry has historically been identified as a major source of environmental pollution. If left unregulated, this trend may possibly lead to environmental catastrophe in the countries. Fortunately, some companies such as Nextgreen Global Berhad have sustainability visions when embarking in new development projects. As a kick-off, Nextgreen has taken the initiative in ensuring their paper products and manufacturing facilities have a minimum environmental impact by consulting and working with agencies such as FRIM.

Our collaboration in the sustainable paper certification programme started in late 2021 when the paper manufacturing facility in Pekan, Pahang, was still under construction. For the nation, this was the first step towards ensuring that paper products from agriculture wastes such as the oil palm industry contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. While maintaining a high standard on product quality, major contributing factors in the manufacturing of paper products such as raw fibre materials, chemicals, water and energy were taken into consideration when formulating a programme to minimise the environmental footprints and encourage responsible resource utilization. Views from local industrial and academic experts were also taken into account during the programme formulation. This comprehensive effort can complement Nextgreen’s sustainable practices whilst fulfilling customers’ requirements and expectations.

We wish Nextgreen all the best in their efforts to promote sustainability and hope for continuous collaboration in sustainability projects and product certification. Our mutual interests in sustainability and climate change are an added bonus in assuring fruitful future collaborations.